Thank you for submitting a customer referral!

We will send an email to your customer letting them know that you think that DAVO may be a good fit for their business. We will follow this email up a couple days later along with a call. If we don’t hear from them at that point, they’ll receive one more email from us. You’ll be notified once they qualify for a referral payment.

Heartland Customer Referral Program Terms:

Get rewarded for spreading the word about DAVO by Avalara! Send a qualified lead (as defined below) who becomes a paying DAVO by Avalara customer and receive a $5 monthly referral bonus for every location that signs up for DAVO by Avalara by December 31, 2023. Please review the terms below before submitting a referral.

Offer Timeline

This offer is valid for referrals submitted between June 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023.

Referral Requirements

Subject to these Terms you will receive the $5.00 monthly referral bonus for each “Qualified Lead Referral” that becomes a DAVO by Avalara paying customer. A “Qualified Lead Referral” is a merchant that:

  • is referred to DAVO by Avalara through your unique referral URL generated above or the online referral form and can be directly traced back to the unique URL or form submission. Verbal referrals are unable to be verified and will not be eligible;
  • is not an existing lead in the DAVO by Avalara system. DAVO by Avalara reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the original lead source. Exceptions may be made, at DAVO by Avalara’s sole discretion, if the referral has not been contacted by DAVO by Avalara for at least 6 months, and the lead otherwise meets the requirements of a Qualified Lead Referral.
  • signs up for the DAVO by Avalara service by December 31, 2023, completes the trial period, and makes its first subscription payment for the DAVO by Avalara service. The qualified leads must continue to be a paying DAVO by Avalara customer. If the qualified lead ceases to be a paying DAVO by Avalara customer, your company will be paid only for the months where the customer paid.

DAVO by Avalara reserves the right to disqualify any lead at its discretion.In the event you submit duplicate leads via the landing page, you will receive only one bonus payment. Referrals for leads submitted through another Avalara partner referral program running concurrently are not eligible.

Program payouts will be made to your company through ACH payments on a quarterly basis, after each quarter of the promotional period, for amounts earned during the quarter just ended. Your company must provide ACH transfer routing information in order to receive payment as well as a valid completed and signed individual W-9 form (if U.S. resident) or W-8BEN form (if Canadian resident), as appropriate. Your company will be responsible for distributing any and all payments to their employees. Your company is solely responsible for any tax payments and reporting for amounts received. Payments less than $50 will not be processed.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and is void where prohibited by law.

To be eligible, referring employees of the company must be, at the time of referral through the program, employed and/or contracted with the recipient company, a resident of the United States or Canada, and permitted under their company policy to participate and receive referral program payouts.


DAVO reserves the right to modify these Terms or terminate the Program at any time, in its sole discretion, without notice, however we will employ commercially reasonable efforts to post a notice on the referral website.


If you have any questions about the DAVO Referral Program, please contact us.