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Posted June 27, 2020

About DAVO Technologies

DAVO Technologies is a fast growing Maine based fintech startup with several thousand customers across the US. DAVO’s patented product, DAVO Automated Sales Tax, is the only fully automated end-to-end sales tax solution for small to mid-sized merchants and restaurateurs in the U.S. With integrations to the major cloud point-of-sale systems, DAVO is growing rapidly and defining a new category of technology services.

Currently, Sales Tax is an archaic process whereby each individual merchant must collect taxes on behalf of the state. This system was developed when most transactions were done with cash – and the only practical way for the state to get their tax was for the merchant to collect it for them. With talk of the “cashless” society on the horizon, electronic transactions make this mode of tax collection obsolete. DAVO is on the vanguard of this transition and will help define how states collect sales tax in the future. Come join this venture and help define the future of seamless tax collection.

The Opportunity – Sales Tax Operations Analyst

The Sales Tax Operations Analyst will actively work with our merchants using our automated sales tax platform. The job involves filing sales tax returns with state taxing authorities and assisting our customers with their account questions by phone an email. We strive for exemplary customer service and want our merchants to be 100% satisfied with our sales tax product. The Operations Analyst plays a vital role in making sure our customers are extremely satisfied with the service.  

If you like moving fast in a high-stakes environment to bring the latest technology to bear to solve real-world problems, then DAVO is the place for you. We are looking for the folks excited to work hard and drive toward measurable deliverables efficiently, practically, and with close attention to quality and reliability.

Your Responsibilities

For the foreseeable future DAVO has a distributed work environment. Our Westbrook office is open and operating under COVID safe guidelines. While working in the Westbrook office is not mandatory, this policy allows for work in our Westbrook office if you feel that coming to the office would be beneficial to your work style and individual productivity. No matter where you work, we will carry out our work activities and communication assuming everyone is working in a distributed environment. If you do work remotely, we ask that you dedicate spaces in your home for working that will allow for adequate focus on work activities.

Skills & Experience Needed

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