Steamboat Floral, a custom flower boutique in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO, opened with the vision of creating custom designed flower arrangements for special occasions, business events, and private homes. Prior to opening, owner Gina Knochenmus did her POS research and chose a cloud-based POS system with apps to help her manage the business, including a critical function – managing sales tax.

Managing Sales Tax is a Monthly Pain Point

Steamboat Floral’s POS had apps to help schedule employees, simplify and streamline back-office work, track inventory, and engage with customers. From previous business experience, Gina knew that managing sales tax would be a monthly pain point that could quickly become problematic. Merchants collect tax daily, but pay the state monthly or even quarterly. Late payments incur fines and penalties, and once a business gets behind on sales tax, it is an uphill battle to catch up. On the recommendation of her merchant rep, Gina installed DAVO Sales Tax on the promise it would automatically collect, file, and pay her sales tax for her. 

“DAVO truly changed my life. I expended so much emotional energy worrying about sales tax all the time and now I don’t even think about it.”

After using the service for a year, she realized its impact went beyond her business alone. “DAVO truly changed my life,” says Gina Knochenmus, owner Steamboat Floral. “I expended so much emotional energy worrying about sales tax all the time and now I don’t even think about it. I don’t have to worry about sales tax revenue to run my business because DAVO sets it aside daily.”

Sales Tax Solution for Poynt

Even when it became evident the POS she had selected did not have the features she needed to support her growing business, Gina remained loyal to DAVO. When her merchant rep suggested she consider switching to Poynt, another cloud POS, Gina’s first question was, “Does it have DAVO?”   

The merchant rep knew that closing this deal would depend solely on DAVO being available on Poynt, so he reached out to DAVO. He learned that DAVO recently completed its integration with Poynt, and signed Steamboat Floral as a test merchant prior to launch.

Steamboat Floral continues to grow and thrive and Gina still never worries about sales tax. “In retrospect, using DAVO was one of the best decisions I made for my business,” says Gina. “I never even think about sales tax and that affects my quality of life in a good way.”