Most Recent Blog Posts: DAVO Technical Support

Adding or Changing Your Banking Information in DAVO

Adding your bank routing information into DAVO is a key step toward automating your sales tax management. This video shows you where to add this information in the DAVO Dashboard.

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Introduction to the DAVO Dashboard

The DAVO Dashboard is the place to go to see your sales tax collections and filings, update your bank routing information and state sales tax profile credentials, and more. Take a first look here.

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3 Simple Steps to Documenting Tax Exempt Sales and Avoiding Liability

Many businesses who otherwise do a good job documenting their sales fall prey to a common sales tax trap - tax-exempt sales. In order to protect themselves, owners can follow simple guidelines ensuring these sales don’t fall through the cracks.

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Re-establishing The API Connection Between Your POS

It may be necessary to update the credentials used by DAVO Sales Tax to your point of sale system. Read our step-by-step guide.

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