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Main Street Retail Sales Have Been Improving Since March 31st

This chart shows brick-and-mortar merchants’ daily sales revenue since early March and then a rolling 7-day average of those sales. The high point of the red line was on March 5th, 2020 while the low point of the red line occurred on March 31st, 2020. At that point, sales revenue had crashed by over 58% in just a few weeks. Now it’s down by 26% and steadily improving to a busy Memorial Day weekend.

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What are the Long-Term Implications of Declaring Bankruptcy While Still Owing Sales Tax?

In these unprecedented times, it’s a real possibility that many small-to-medium-sized businesses will, despite every effort, be forced to close their business and declare bankruptcy. If these businesses had used the sales tax collected prior to closing their doors to sustain their business for a time, what will happen to that debt?

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Be Sure to File Your Sales Tax Returns – Even During COVID-19

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, businesses large and small have been turned upside down. Paying taxes is likely one of the furthest things from the mind of most business owners, in spite of the fact that April 15th and April 20th tax deadlines are right around the corner.

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Tips for Planning for Your January Sales Tax Bill

We are headed into a very busy season for a lot of you! The ten biggest sales days of the year happen in November and December. Holiday shopping is one reason for the boost but even grocery retailers have a spike as everyone prepares for their special occasion meals, events, and gifts.

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DAVO Closes the POS Deal for Steamboat Floral

Steamboat Floral, a custom flower boutique, opened a little over 3 years ago in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO. with the vision of creating custom designed flower arrangements for special occasions, business events and private homes.

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