Our CEO, Pete Murray, was recently interviewed by Marty Grohman on The Grow Maine Show on WGAN radio.

In this interview Pete covers a lot of ground. Here are just a few topics he discusses with Marty on the show:

  • How DAVO is trying to reinvent the way sales tax is handled in our economic system for brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, quick-service restaurants, salons, retail shops, and more. Sales tax is pretty archaic and puts a lot of stress on business owners. It gives them one more thing to manage and takes time away from the creative aspects of running their businesses.
  • What it is like growing a SaaS company, servicing 46 states, filing for thousands of merchants, and remitting tens of millions of sales tax dollars every month or quarter – all from Westbrook, Maine.
  • How the Maine Technology Institute and the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit have helped DAVO. Plus, some feedback for how the tax credit program could be even more helpful to Maine businesses, especially during COVID-19.
  • What it takes to manage a distributed workforce, keep a sense of connection with and between staff, and how to outfit employees to work remotely.