David Joseph talks about why he co-founded DAVO by Avalara, and the importance and implications of sales tax

Our friends over at Revel Systems host a monthly podcast that includes business insights and best practices from leaders in the food, beverage and retail industries. Our co-founder David Joseph sat down with co-hosts Sydney Kida and Julie Holkeboer to discuss the challenges that many restauranteurs face when accounting for sales tax — challenges that he experienced himself as a restaurant owner — which ultimately led him to co-found DAVO by Avalara.

Listen below or on Revel’s website to hear:

  • DAVO’s origin story
  • The biggest mistakes that business owners can make when handling sales tax
  • The importance of setting sales tax funds aside daily and how DAVO automates sales tax cash management
  • How DAVO works and syncs with your existing Point of Sale system
  • How DAVO takes the burden away so owners and managers can focus on growing their business and what they love
  • The features that have been added to the DAVO app over the years, and technology updates that are on the horizon

Listen above or on the Revel website, where you can also hear other episodes.