worker preparing a bagel snadwich

We spoke to Alex Warner, owner of Bagel Boy in Foley, Alabama, about how using DAVO to automate sales tax with Table Needs POS helps him focus on growing his business. 

Bagel Boy is fast becoming an institution in Foley, Alabama. Although the bagel shop is less than 2 years old, Bagel Boy is Foley’s premiere source of bagels. Warner is involved in his community, commissioning artwork at the shop from local students, and collaborating with other local businesses.

In just one year, Warner has grown Bagel Boy from a team of 3 producing 200 bagels a day, to two locations, and a team of 16 producing more than 700 bagels in a day. 

Alex credits his POS, Table Needs, with supporting his growth, but sales tax continued to be a time suck for his business. 

Before using DAVO, Warner struggled to find the time to calculate and set aside sales tax. “When you are running a restaurant it can get very hard to set time aside for anything outside of the day to day of just keeping it running.” 

Warner heard about DAVO through a business partner, and was happy to see that DAVO integrates with Table Needs. Best of all, it only took him a few minutes to set up DAVO and start collecting sales tax through Table Needs. 

DAVO integrates with Table Needs to calculate the correct sales tax with every purchase. Then, sales tax funds are set aside daily. This eliminates a common mistake that plagues many restaurant owners – accidentally spending sales tax money. DAVO will automatically file and pay sales tax on time, and in full, whether your business files quarterly or monthly. 

“We were having the hardest time keeping up with what we owed, and when to pay it. Now, it just comes out before we even see it, so we don’t even think about it,” Warner told us. “It’s honestly amazing.” 

As a business owner, finding more time to work on the business has allowed Warner to grow his bagel shop. As he puts it, “DAVO allows you to focus your time on the things that actually matter to your business. It’s not to say that taxes don’t matter, but if we don’t sell any bagels, then we can’t pay any taxes.”

Business owners have enough daily worries, and DAVO has helped Bagel Boy worry less about sales tax. “DAVO gives you more time to do what you love, and you don’t have to worry about the IRS coming after you. There is no downside.” 

As Bagel Boy continues to scale – with rumors of a biscuit concept in the works – DAVO and Table Needs will continue helping this business save time and money. 

DAVO Sales Tax is included for all Table Needs customers as part of their Table Needs subscription. Users can learn more and get started at