DAVO by Avalara partners with Acadia POS to cross “sales tax” off the to-do lists of restaurants and retailers

DAVO by Avalara is excited to announce its latest partnership with a leading provider of retail and restaurant point of sale solutions: Acadia POS.

DAVO Sales Tax offers Acadia POS users a hands-off solution for automating retail and restaurant sales tax management, saving them time and hassle so that they can focus on important tasks that can help their bottom line. Using sales data from Acadia POS, DAVO automatically sets aside sales tax funds daily, then files and pays the State when due every month or quarter. Business owners can effortlessly configure DAVO in just five minutes or less and take sales tax off their plate for good.

“We at Acadia POS are delighted to join forces with DAVO by Avalara, a pioneer in automated sales tax management. This collaboration empowers our valued clientele in the retail and restaurant sectors, alleviating the sales tax management burden,” says Benjamin Leviton, President of Acadia POS. “With DAVO’s seamless integration, our users can now divert their focus from tax obligations to core business operations, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable. We believe this partnership significantly enhances the user experience, making sales tax management a breeze, and we look forward to a fruitful and enduring partnership.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Acadia POS to expand our sales tax automation offering to support more hardworking business owners who are burdened with countless responsibilities and tasks,” says Andrea Anderson, VP, Corporate Development Operations of Avalara. “Sales tax management is a necessary, but time-consuming task that doesn’t necessarily help grow their bottom line. We’re happy to help them win back time to focus on their business and its profitability.”

DAVO Sales Tax is available to Acadia POS customers for $54.99 per month per location after a free trial. Learn more and get started at davosalestax.com/acadiapos.