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If you own or manage a restaurant you likely wear several hats, and time is something you could always use more of. Managing your restaurant’s sales tax is just one of many things in a mountain of back office tasks that you have to keep up with. Restaurant sales tax is time consuming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We partnered with our friends at RASI to break down what it means to automate your restaurant sales tax, and how it can help your business. Head on over to the RASI website to read more, and to explore their accounting services and software for restaurants of all sizes and types.

DAVO automates your sales tax from start to finish, eliminating the entire complicated process – from setting sales tax funds aside daily, to filing and paying to your state when due, on time and in full.

Benefits of sales tax automation for your restaurant

1. Never worry about missed payments and late payment penalties.

Ever miss a payment or pay late? DAVO automatically files and pays on time and in full so you will never have to worry about a payment deadline again.

2. Automatically receive on-time discounts where available.

If you operate in one of the 27 states that offer on-time filing discounts, your discounts are automatically calculated, collected, and refunded. Find more info about sales tax by state, including which states offer on-time filing discounts.

3. Rest easy knowing you have enough set aside when it’s time to pay.

DAVO sets your restaurant sales tax funds aside daily ensuring you have the correct funds set aside when it comes time to pay.

4. Find more time to focus on food and grow your restaurant business.

DAVO’s sales tax automation completely removes the burden of restaurant sales tax from your plate so you never have to worry about it again. Once DAVO is set up on your POS, you’ll never need to touch it again. DAVO will run in the background and take care of every step of the sales tax process. More time to focus on what is most important and crucial to growing your business. Choose your POS and sign up right now.