DAVO co-founder David Joseph and Patrick Shaheen, Vice President of Operations of Ballard Brands, discuss real technology solutions and how to evaluate your business needs and goals to choose the best tech solutions.

DAVO co-founder David Joseph talks with Patrick Shaheen about how PJ’s Coffee transitioned from an overly robust legacy system to a cloud-based POS that enabled them to be nimble and handpick a suite of apps best suited for the chain of coffee shops, and their franchisees.

Watch this webinar hosted by the International Franchise Association to hear their thoughts on:

  • Building a tech stack to increase efficiency and compliance
  • Choosing a cloud-based POS vs. a traditional “ecosystem” POS, and thinking about which apps will make your business more efficient
  • How back-office apps can manage or automate about 80% of business functionality so operators can spend more time at the front of the house
  • How both franchisors and franchisees can benefit from a POS with a modern user experience that is affordable