How do I find my EIN?

Your EIN is your Federal Employer ID Number. Think of it as your business’s Social Security Number. Your EIN is a number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to identify your business for tax purposes.

What you need an EIN for:

  • Bank applications
  • Sales tax permits
  • Income tax forms
  • Employment tax payments and reports
  • Some business licenses

Most businesses need an EIN, even if they don’t have employees. You may not need an EIN if your business is a sole proprietorship and you don’t have employees. In that case, your SSN might do.

How do you get your business EIN number?

You can apply online or get information on how to apply for your EIN on the IRS website.

How do I find my EIN?

Need your EIN but can’t find it? Relocating your EIN can be tricky. There are EIN lookup websites, but we would recommend checking with an entity you may have used your EIN with in the past. Your bank may have it from when you opened an account with them. Your accountant can check your previously filed tax return if you don’t have a copy.

You can also call the IRS’ Business and Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933. They are open 7 am – 7 pm local time Monday through Friday. They will ask you a few questions about your business and then will be able to give you your EIN. You must be authorized to receive the EIN from the Irs like the owner, a partner, a corporate officer, etc.