We know there are hundreds of things you need to keep track of and understand in your business. Whether you are filing taxes, getting set up to automate your state sales tax, applying for business licenses, or adding employees – you might need to track down your state Tax ID and we are here to help!

What is My Business State Tax ID?

A State Tax ID is a unique ID given to your business from the department of revenue of the state where your business is located. Your state tax ID is used for reporting your state sales tax. Your state tax ID is not useful outside of that state. 

A State tax ID can also be called a State Employer ID. 

You will need a State Tax ID to apply for business licenses, hire and pay employees, and to file state and local taxes.

Is My State Tax ID the Same as My EIN?

No. Your EIN is like your business’s social security number and it is issued by the IRS. No matter where you move your business, your EIN will always stay the same. 

Your State Tax ID is given to you by the state your business is registered in. Your State Tax ID is what you use for reporting sales tax to your state.

Federal and state governments have different tax systems and laws so you need a different tax ID from each entity.

How Do I Find My State Tax ID?

If you don’t know your State Tax ID, you will need to contact your state to get it.

How Do I Register For a State Tax ID? 

Tax requirements and systems vary from state to state so there is no generic set of instructions for every business. You will need to contact your state to acquire a state tax ID. The process to get a state tax ID will vary by state.