Gladys Harrison’s mother started Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering in Omaha, Nebraska, at the age of 62 because she had a true passion for food and community. Big Mama, Patricia Barron, wanted to prepare home-cooked meals that would make you feel like you were eating at your grandmother’s house. They even decorated their first location with family pictures and knick-knacks from her house to really make it authentic.

Gladys Harrison of Big Mama'a Kitchen

Like many small business owners, Big Mama opened her business to do what she was passionate about – cooking and feeding people, not to spend hours calculating and filing taxes.

After Big Mama’s passing in 2018, Gladys became the owner of Big Mama’s Kitchen. She found herself stressed out about the sales taxes, which had fallen behind, preventing her from giving her full attention to carrying on her mother’s legacy of providing their customers with – amazing home-cooked food.

On a visit to a local restaurant supply company, Gladys ran into a Clover representative who explained all of the Clover Point of Sale system’s benefits.  He said that Clover was similar to your smartphone as you can add various apps to enhance POS systems’ capabilities. When he explained there was an app that would collect, file, and pay sales taxes, Gladys signed up for Clover right away and DAVO was one of the first apps she added to her new system.

DAVO takes care of her sales tax so she doesn’t have to stress about logging in to the state’s website, filing their sales tax, and then worrying about where she will come up with the money to pay them. With DAVO, the sales tax money is pulled out and set aside every day, so she never has to worry about it.

DAVO saves me time and money. As a small business owner, those are my top two priorities.

Takeout meal from Big Mama's Kitchen

“For a small business like ours, it is more manageable to have the taxes taken out daily in smaller amounts versus paying large amounts monthly or quarterly. It feels good to know the taxes are paid on time every time. No one wants to pay their bills late or be stressed out by them.”

“DAVO was a ‘game-changer.’ DAVO saves me time and money. As a small business owner, those are my top two priorities.”  

Like many businesses, COVID-19 made 2020 a very challenging year for Gladys and Big Mama’s. Having DAVO provided an extra piece of mind knowing that paying the taxes would be done on time. Knowing that allows Gladys and her staff to focus their energy on continuing to provide their customers great tasting home-cooked food amid a worldwide pandemic.

“I love my Clover system, and I love DAVO, two of the smartest decisions I have made for my business.”