Most Recent Blog Posts: Sales Tax Advice for Businesses

Mitigating Risk With DAVO

Ever stay up nights worried about a risky deal? In sales, every deal carries risk and as the initiator of the deal, you try to mitigate your risk as much as possible.

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The Most Effective Collectors of Sales Tax

Sales tax is typically applied to transactions for tangible goods and certain services that occur between a merchant and a consumer. Merchants act as agents of state government collecting sales tax from consumers and remitting payments to the proper taxing authority.

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3rd Party Order Apps Create A Tax Liability For Restaurants

Today many restaurants are using 3rd Party Order Apps (3POA) such as GrubHub and EAT24 to attract new customers and increase their bottom lines. However, 3POA apps have the potential to create huge sales tax liabilities for the business if not handled correctly. This can result in costly fines and penalties that come straight out of the owner’s wallet and in the worst cases these excessive fines can be fatal to a business if left unchecked.

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The 10 Basics Every Business Should Know About Sales Tax

WHAT IS SALES TAX? Sales Tax is a tax on goods and services collected by merchants from their customers. If you are a merchant and you sell things, you are required by law to collect sales tax. This is a general description with many exceptions and rules around the taxability of goods and services from state to state.

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Is Using Sales Tax Revenue To Run Your Business A Wise Investment?

Merchants who use sales tax as working capital rarely take time to understand the true cost and potentially catastrophic legal pitfalls until it’s too late. You may be wondering, why isn’t it OK to use sales tax to operate the business until it’s time to remit that money to the state?

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