Our CEO, Pete Murray, talks to host, Jeremy Julian, about DAVO’s ‘no brainer’ solution

We were excited to get the chance to be on The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. We knew Jeremy was all about helping restaurants use technology to streamline their businesses so we expected it would be a great conversation and we were right.

Listen below or on RTG’s website to hear:

  • What is sales tax and why do businesses have to collect it and hold it on behalf of the state
  • How DAVO takes the burden away so owners and managers can focus on growing their business and what they love
  • DAVO’s origin story
  • The difference between DAVO and solutions like Avalara and TaxJar
  • How DAVO works and syncs with your existing Point of Sale system
  • Why states are paying even more attention to sales tax in this COVID world
  • How Pete got involved in DAVO
  • Where DAVO is headed – new POS partnerships, technology updates, state-based initiatives, and more

Listen above our or on The Restaurant Technology Guys’ website, where you can also hear other exciting interviews.

DAVO is such a ‘no-brainer.’ I say all the time, don’t implement technology for technology’s sake. Implement technology to make your business better your life better, and to make your guest experience better. – Jeremy Julian, Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast