Never worry about sales tax again.


DAVO uses sales data from your POS system to set aside the exact amount of sales tax you collect every single day and then files and pays it when it’s due. It’s fully automatic. Absolutely secure. Totally guaranteed.

If you use one of these systems, you should be using DAVO.

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Be a business owner. Not a tax collector.

Ever miss a state sales tax payment? Or pay it late? Ever worry about having enough money set aside to pay your sales tax or wonder why you’re paying so much for a bookkeeper? If so, DAVO is for you. It’s designed for small, brick & mortar business owners — folks who run restaurants, salons, spas and retail shops — who have better uses of their time than collecting, paying and filing state sales tax.

Mayhem & Stout

Busy serving up sandwiches, this popular lunch spot missed a tax payment and got hit with a huge fine. Learn how DAVO made sure it never happened again.

Rolling Pin Bakeshop

As their bakery business grew, sales tax fell through the crack. Find out how DAVO quickly helped them get back on track.

Steamboat Floral

Picking the right POS system was a challenge for a boutique florist. See how discovering DAVO made the choice a whole lot easier.

DAVO handles every step of the sales tax process.

From the second your POS enters a sale to the moment your state receives your tax payment, you won’t have to do a thing. Once installed, DAVO runs in the background and doesn’t need to be touched. There’s no extra work. No shuffling money around. No missed or late payments. No guessing if you have enough to cover the tax bill. No paperwork. No checks. And most importantly, no more worrying about sales tax ever again.

  • Connects right to your POS — either online or through your app marketplace
  • Sets up in as little as 5 minutes
  • Ensures you receive on-time filing discounts
  • Trusted & secure — filed & paid over $50 million in state sales tax


“Why can’t someone do our sales tax the way ADP does our payroll?”

That’s what a frustrated David Joseph asked one day as he exited the kitchen of his critically-acclaimed restaurant. He didn’t know it at the time, but that “someone” would turn out to be him.

For David, running a restaurant was a dream. He loved the food, the people and the energy, creativity and spontaneity everyday brought. Doing taxes, however, was a nightmare. The stress and hassle of putting aside sales tax, being caught off guard by deadlines, losing track of filings and getting behind in payments was just too much.

So after 17 years in business, David sold his restaurant and started DAVO to solve the sales tax problem that plagued him and countless other small business owners.

Stress free, hassle free sales tax. First month FREE.