March 27, 2017

DAVO Technologies, the only integrated and automated sales tax and cash management solution for SMB merchants, has acquired its 1,000th customer on its DAVO Sales Tax platform.

Customers have become cheerleaders and promoters of DAVO.

“I really love DAVO! It has taken so much stress off of me not worrying about taxes all of the time. It really is the best thing ever! Thank you for taking that dreaded task over for me!”
Cara Benson, Toast and Tartine Restaurants

“I didn’t get where I am working alone. I’ve always surrounded myself with the best I could find, which is why I teamed with DAVO Technologies. When you run a business yourself every minute counts. Working with DAVO I never have to think about sales tax. Every morning they automatically collect it and pay my taxes quarterly. What a relief!”
Richard Florczak, Flame Pizzeria

“Thanks so much for everything you at DAVO have done for me. I finally sleep through the night!”
With Aloha, Anne Reece Owner Just Ukes / Kona Hawaii

And with a great many initiatives in the pipeline, we look forward to a significant acceleration in our customer acquisition rate.

About DAVO Technologies

DAVO Technologies has pioneered simplified daily cash management solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Their premier application, DAVO Sales Tax is used by merchants to automatically collect, file and pay sales tax in all 45 states and the District of Columbia who have sales tax obligations. DAVO Sales Tax is currently available on and integrated with Clover POS, Revel Systems POS, QuickBooks Online, Square, Poynt Smart Terminal and ABC Financial Software.