DAVO Technologies now offers its automated sales tax service on Lightspeed’s Restaurant and Retail platforms in the United States.

Lightspeed customers can now enjoy a fully automated, hands-off sales tax management solution, freeing up valuable time while also being protected from large late payment fines from the state. DAVO Sales Tax sets aside their sales tax funds daily, then files and pays them to the state when due every month or every quarter. 

“Managing sales tax requires detail and time.” says Peter Dougherty, Lightspeed’s Vice President of Partnerships. “We are excited to partner with DAVO to give Lightspeed merchants the ability to put the sales tax management hassle behind them and to spend that time on what matters: growing their business.”

“Restaurants and retailers need every advantage they can get these days.” says Peter Murray, CEO of DAVO. “We really like what Lightspeed is doing to help their customers automate back-office tasks and DAVO Sales Tax is a great addition to further build out this wonderful platform.”
DAVO Sales Tax is available on Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail for $54.99 per month per location. More information can be found at davosalestax.com/lightspeed.