DAVO Technologies Integrates with QuickBooks

April 14, 2016

DAVO Technologies, the leading provider of cash management sales tax solutions for small to mid-sized merchants announces today the integration of the DAVO Sales Tax application with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online. This integration enables any merchant using QuickBooks Online to have DAVO automatically collect their sales tax funds daily and then file and pay their sales tax for them with one seamless process. DAVO takes over the cumbersome, time consuming and potentially costly task of managing sales tax for merchants giving them peace of mind that they are always sales tax compliant. DAVO also ensures that State Governments are collecting sales tax revenues in a more efficient and secure process.

“Sales tax is a major pain point for many merchants, particularly small to mid-sized business owners who are often challenged with time and cash management,” says Owen Brown, CEO of DAVO Technologies. “It is common practice for merchants to use sales tax revenue as working capital, resulting in a shortfall of funds when it is time to remit sales tax to the state. Failure to comply with sales tax laws results in costly fines and penalties and in extreme cases, States will close businesses, seize assets or even prosecute owners for theft.”

DAVO Technologies has developed the patented DAVO Sales Tax application that automatically facilitates the daily cash management and filing of sales tax for the merchant. DAVO Sales Tax collects sales data from a merchant’s POS system by syncing with QuickBooks Online and automatically sets aside the sales tax collected daily, filing and paying the sales tax on the merchant’s behalf when due. The merchant simply installs the DAVO Sales Tax application from the QuickBooks App Store at https://appcenter.intuit.com/app-b7rbu4brc2 and completes a short sign up sequence. DAVO Sales Tax is the only application available to merchants that automates the entire sales tax process from daily collection of tax revenue to on-time filing and paying through one seamless process.

The new integration with Intuit’s QuickBooks enables DAVO to offer a powerful sales tax solution to a very broad segment of merchants, regardless of their choice of POS. Any merchant using QuickBooks Online can install DAVO Sales Tax in just a few minutes, allowing them to focus their attention on the more important aspects of their business. Owen Brown states, “Merchants who are serious about running their businesses successfully have already found the benefit of using QuickBooks. The addition of this unique cash management solution, DAVO Sales Tax, to the QuickBooks ecosystem closes the circle, offering merchants a true end to end sales tax solution.”

Customer Testimonials

“I love using DAVO for my business. The peace of mind knowing that we don’t have to worry about collecting and paying our sales tax on time is priceless. I cannot say enough good things about DAVO!!!”

“Davo has simplified my life and now I never worry about paying my taxes on time! One of the best decisions I made for my business.”

“We do not have to worry about having enough money to pay these taxes because they take it out every day. Saves us time and worry. Thanks, DAVO.”

About DAVO Technologies

DAVO Technologies, LLC has pioneered the development of payment processes that remove friction points between payees and payers using their patented technology, and the electronic payments networks. DAVO is currently developing a suite of proprietary products that reduce traditional recurring multi-day payment cycles of 30, 60 or 90 days to one day. DAVO’s current product offerings are focused on sales tax payments for small to mid-sized merchants, franchise royalty and advertisement fee payments and merchant utility payments.