A Comprehensive Sales Tax Solution For Merchants In The Clover App Market

February 20, 2015

DAVO Technologies, is collaborating with Clover, a First Data company and the world’s fastest growing point of sale solution, to launch the first automated solution to collect, file and pay sales tax for merchants in the Clover™ App Market.

“Sales tax compliance is a major burden for many merchants, particularly small to mid-sized merchants. It is a responsibility from which they gain no benefit, yet have all the liability if they make a mistake,” said Owen Brown, CEO of DAVO Technologies. “DAVO SALES TAX is our simple and streamlined product that automatically collects, files and pays sales tax for merchants.” According to Brown, “DAVO’s patented process removes the friction points associated with sales tax compliance, affording merchants more time to focus on the profitable aspects of their business.”

“By collecting and impounding sales tax funds daily, DAVO SALES TAX ensures the merchant is compliant and fulfills their fiduciary responsibilities to the state. Our goal is to protect the merchant, mitigating risk, ” said Brown. At the end of the tax cycle, DAVO SALES TAX automatically files and pays sales tax revenues to the state on behalf of the merchant.

Now available in the Clover™ App Market, the DAVO SALES TAX solution, which automatically collects sales data and tax revenue daily to ensure a merchant’s tax liability remains current and funded at the time of filing, can be integrated within minutes with Clover™ Station. First Data, the global leader in payment technology and services solutions, distributes Clover devices and the Clover App Market through its more than 3000 banking partners.
“Tax compliance is an important need of our merchant clients,” said Leonard Speiser, president, Clover. “Clover collaborates with the best developers to bring the most comprehensive solutions into a merchant’s store, and we are thrilled to offer DAVO SALES TAX in our ever growing Clover App Market.”

About Clover

Clover, an independent subsidiary of First Data, provides an open point of sale platform for brick and mortar merchants. Restaurants, retailers and service businesses can select the apps best suited for its business via the Clover™ App Market. Clover delivers this solution on a family of hardware designed specifically for the merchant interested in reliability, attention to detail, and ease of use.

About First Data

First Data is a global technology leader in the financial services industry. With 24,000 employee-owners and operations in 35 countries, the company provides secure and innovative payment technology and services to more than six million merchants and financial institutions around the world, from small businesses to the world’s largest corporations. Today, businesses in nearly 70 countries trust First Data to secure and process more than 2, 000 financial transactions per second, totaling $1.8 trillion a year.

About DAVO Technologies LLC

DAVO Technologies, LLC has pioneered the development of payment processes that remove friction points between payees and payers using their patented technology, and the card payments networks. DAVO is currently developing a suite of proprietary products that reduce traditional 30 day payment cycles to 24 hours. DAVO’s current product offerings are focused on sales tax payments for small to mid-sized merchants, franchise royalty and advertisement fee payments and merchant utility payments.