DAVO co-founder David Joseph and our friend Saay Patel of Maplewood Burgers talk about how they struggled with sales tax rules and regulations and what they did to take it off their plates for good.

As a former restaurant owner, DAVO co-founder David Joseph is no stranger to the struggles of restaurant sales tax. In fact, his experiences are what gave him the idea for DAVO. He’s always happy to sit down to talk with other restaurant owners about sales tax automation and the problems it can solve for them so that they can focus on running their business. We were excited to have our friend Saay Patel of Maplewood Burgers join him for this webinar to speak about his own sales tax struggles and triumphs. Saay even shared his current experiences with a sales tax audit. Thanks to DAVO, the process has been easy for him. So easy, the auditor wanted to learn more about DAVO!

Watch this webinar hosted by FastCasual to learn more about:

  • Understanding tax rates
  • How to avoid double-paying sales tax on 3rd party app orders
  • Filing and paying on time
  • Keeping your records clean
  • Staying compliant
  • Making sure you have the funds available when they are due