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DAVO Presents At Greenlight Maine

Co-Founder David Joseph presented as part of Greenlight Maine's third season on December 30, 2017. Greenlight Maine is a business competition TV show airing on NBC Saturday nights at 7:30pm, with a grand finale airing in June.

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DAVO’s David Joseph Q&A with Clover

Former restaurateur and current tech company cofounder David Joseph took the adage, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” to its furthest conclusion. The owner of a celebrated restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey that enjoyed an 18-year run before he sold it, Joseph is no stranger to the stress of staying on top of the outflow of cash from a restaurant.

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Restaurateur Brings Simple Sales Tax Management With Innovative Software Solution

"The paychecks on the merchant advance was to have the funds automatically deducted from the day receipts."

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DAVO Featured On Finovate

Small business tools company DAVO launched two new apps to help small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with their cash management needs. DAVO Sweep & Save and DAVO Savings Club are the two new apps available to SMBs today.

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David Joseph of DAVO Technologies Interviewed by Maine Startups Insider

Before co-founding a software company that automates the sales tax collection and payment for small- and medium-sized merchants, David Joseph was a restaurant owner in New Jersey. He hated keeping track of how much sales tax he had to set aside for the state each month and worrying about missing the payment deadline.

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Sales Tax Solution For Small Merchants

Mr. Brown: Many small merchants experience multiple pain points when it comes to paying and filing their sales tax. There are over 6 million small merchants in the United States yet no one before DAVO has really offered them any assistance or has provided them with an automated process to relieve them of the burden of paying and filing sales tax

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PYMNTS Interview With Owen Brown, CEO DAVO Technologies

Sales tax is a minor annoyance to most consumers who have to remember to do the mental math when calculating the total cost of their purchases.

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